Doll ( Rabbit) 

Citywalk is a contemporary shopping mall with innovative architectural concepts that distinguish itself as an iconic landmark in New Tsuen Wan. Citywalk make a dynamic and trendy destinaion for shopping and entertainment that features a total over 300 shops. Choosing attractive dolls to reward its customers, Citywalk has gained a satisfactory outcome. Echoing with the company’s image, this promotional gift has met its target customers’ needs and wants, which is to be fashionable and appealing. As a rewarding gift, this doll has enlarged the customer base and enhanced the customers' loyalty of Citywalk.
Radio Television Hong Kong
as an independent department in the government under the Broadcasting Authority. Radio Television Hong Kong operates seven radio channels, and stations in Hong Kong. While it is government funded, it has a reputation for maintaining editorial independence. RTHK produces and broadcasts educational, entertainment and public affairs programs. 

Radio Television Hong Kong has selected this T-shirt from our corporate to promote their image. Choosing the pure black of the T-shirt as a corporate gift has impressed numerous audiences. The printed logo on the T-shirt has been noticeable as ever which achieves the expected result. Our product, resonating with the philosophy of Radio Television Hong Kong, has shown the courage for independence.

Screen Cleaner ( product from Us) 

LI & FUNG (TRADING) LIMITED manages supply chains for major brands and retailers worldwide. The Group operates an extensive global network covering about 240 offices and distribution centers with 27,000 employees in more than 40 economies across Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition to the wide range and variety of consumer products available through its networks, Li & Fung also leverages its strengths in custom product design and development to provide complete global solutions for its customers. 

In order to publicize their image, LI & FUNG (TRADING) LIMITED has selected our product, Screen Cleaner, as their corporate gift. This gift has been designed to clean the screen of digital product. It’s unknown to many people that the dust, grease and fingerprint have huge effect on not only our eyesight but also our health. Showing care about their customers’ condition, this gift has already fulfill the mission LI & FUNG (TRADING) LIMITED gave.
St. James' Settlement


Founded by the Rt. Rev. Bishop R.O. Hall of the Anglican Church in 1949, the St. James' Settlement started her work as a club for boys and girls in a temple. It was then developed to a six-storey building to provide diversified services, which included children, and youth services, elderly services as well as rehabilitation services to the needy continuously since 1963. Up till now, there are altogether over 40 service points. By the end of July 2010, there is about 1200 staff providing vast range of high quality welfare services for people of different ages and needs. 

Our purse has been chosen to represent St. James' Settlement, with its vivid logo printed on it. Designed in fresh green, this mobile corporate gift has grasped the most eyesight and achieved the best promotional result.

Calculator With Hour Meter ( Corporate Gift From Us) 

Originally established in Bermuda in 1928, Conyers Dill & Pearman offers true global reach, with offices across 11 countries in multiple time zones and jurisdictions. The Hong Kong office, Codan Management Limited was opened in Exchange Square in 1985. The office provides advice on the laws of Bermuda, British Virgin Islands the Cayman Islands and Mauritius. 

Across continents, jurisdictions and industries, Conyers Dill & Pearman provides responsive, timely and thorough legal advice and services of the highest quality. In order to spread company philosophy, they have chosen our Calculator with Hour Meter as their promotional gift. Being taken good care of in the process of production, this corporate gift has turned out to be perfect in timing. Integrating with digital calendar, makes it a versatile all round gift.
The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

Mobile Phone Holder (Promotional Gift) 

The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, a voluntary welfare services organization, was established in 1965. The aim was to provide professional services for the promotion of happy marriages and responsible parenthood. 

Cooperating with us, the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council has chosen this promotional Mobile phone holder as a special gift to fulfill their mission. Reserving enough space in this holder, cell-phones could be placed in it to act as an excellent household product. With a vivid logo and family photo in it, this Mobile phone holder serves to remind people of their happy family moments. Such a corporate gift form our company, conveying family love and faith, has been echoing with the belief of Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council.



The Link Management Limited

Promtioanl thermal mug

As Hong Kong's first and largest real estate investment trust, The Link Real Estate Investment Trust (The Link) invests in a portfolio of 180 retail and carpark facilities that are on the doorstep to 40% of Hong Kong population. 

Corporating with us, The Link has chosen this auto mug as a promotional gift. The striking appearance of this mug is attractive and easy to catch everyone's eyes. And the stainless steel inside enables the users to keep the temperature of the beverage. With rotating design of the black plastic lip, small holes can be opened or closed, and temperature of beverage will be kept when it’s closed. It’s user-friendly for the plastic holder and the non-slip bottom.
Sha Tin Methodist College

Souvenir – sports bottles 

Sponsored by the Methodist Church, Sha Tin Methodist College bases on the spirit of Jesus Christ, and puts whole-person educating as their mission. The school aims to provide education on spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects, which helps students in the end serve people and the society. 

In a way, unified items reflect the image of group, improve its cohesion. This sports bottle perfectly matches the goal of Sha Tin Methodist College: let the students set positive outlooks on their lives. For the purple PC material, the bottle is light and durable. As the smart logo “We Are The A’ers” on the one hand can enrich our vison, on the other hand, it encourages the students to be active, ablaze, ambitious, able-minded and ace achievers.
Hung Fook Tong
Special gift for clients – promotional mug 

For the 「naturally made, wholeheartedly good」 purpose, Hung Fook Tong Holdings keeps to cultivate Chinese herbal culture. HFT’s products are popular, not only because of the genuine ingredients, but also for their innovation. 

Hung Fook Tong chose this promotional mug as a special gift to thank for clients’ supports. Being made of PP, this promotional mug is able to bear beverage temperature from -20℃ to 120℃. Heat dissipation of this unique promotional mug is weaker than the regular mug. Furthermore, the space between the outer cover and the inner cup allows you to insert the advertising paper to give you good advertising effects.
Hong Kong Social Welfare Department
Folding bag-hook 

Senior Citizen Card Scheme, one of the services for elders from Social Welfare Department, aims to provides a generally recognized proof of age to elders so as to facilitate their access to concessions, discounts or priority services offered by Government departments, public companies, private and commercial establishments. 

Corporating with Us, Social Welfare Department chose this folding bag-hook for the elderly. Being made of zinc alloy and nickel, this bag hook will not fade and rust. An black anti-slipping mat on the bottom makes it close to the desktop, never slip off when hooking bags. Hong Kong residents aged 65 or over are eligible for Senior Citizen Card, this bag hook are available to the applicants. Only to open the bag hook and place it on a level can you hook the bags on it. It’s convenient for the elderly to use wherever they are.
Hong Kong Education Bureau

Education promotion – magnet pen

The learning of how human beings solve their daily problems and how to replicate and transfer the process to solve new problems that arise from time to time. That’s what we call technology education. In order to promote the importance of technology education to students, Education Bureau has chosen this magnetic pen as a promotion gift. Technology Education Group wants to publicize design & technology information to junior secondary students, and design & applied technology information to senior secondary students. 

Basing on the theory of electrically controlled magnetic levitation, magnetic products are small floating systems of magnetic levitation. With the magnets in the pen and pen stand, this magnetic pen can float in the air above the pen stand. Such a creative design matches well with the characteristic of Technology Education Group and the spirit that she wants to promote.
Ocean Park
Eco-friendly gift – Lunch box

As a world-class theme park, Ocean Park provides all guests with memorable experiences that combine entertainment and education, while inspiring life long learning and conservation advocacy. In order to protect the environment, Ocean Park has chosen this three-layer oval lunch box for their staff. 

Being made of PP, this three-layer oval lunch box has a good heat resistance that can undertake the temperature between -20℃ and 100℃, and it’s non-toxic and odorless. Moreover, because of the three-layer design, food can be sorted. The special handle can lock the boxes tightly for the convenience to carry. This three-layer box can both be used as lunch box and dim-sum box.




Office gift – Green USB Flash 

Gammon has been building a wide range of construction projects for over 50 years. As the market leading construction contractor in Hong Kong, Gammon also operates in China and Southeast Asia. Their mission is to build for a better quality of life and living environment in a safe and sustainable manner. 

They select this apple green USB Flash from Us, with white words “Go! Get! Green”imprinted on it, which tells the users to lead a green life. It’s a good eco-friendly idea!
Hong Kong Electric

Promotion gift – Sports MP3 

Since its inception more than a century ago, Hongkong Electric has been achieving world-class performance in the business of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and sales in Hong Kong. To excel in the energy business in Hong Kong and key international markets is it’s vision. 

This sports MP3 is a promotional gift of the Hongkong Electric Defined Contribution Scheme, it’s used to promote the new retirement plan to their staff. 

This sports MP3 is especially designed to match the shape of your head, soft rubber appearance and convenient presses make it feel comfortable. When the built-in Lithium battery is fully charged, it can play music for about 4 hours. When you are doing sports, travelling or entertaining, sports MP3 makes you relaxed. Besides, you can use it as a USB Flash to save files with it’s 2G contain.
Watsons Distilled Water

Limited Edition Gift – Ceramic Mug 

Have you ever heard the slogan “Watsons distilled water is clean and pure”? There is a saying goes, all the people are made from water, because 70% of the human body is made up of water. Watsons Water has told us:drink 8 cups of water per day to keep healthy and energetic. Since 1903, Watson Group has begun to produce distilled water, innovation establishes them as a world-renowned supplier of purest quality water. 

This mug is designed by Ah Chung, the famous drawer in HK, it’s used to thank for the support of customers. There are two pictures around the mug, you can get some positive information from them: drink more water to be healthy, learn more knowledge to be intelligent. This mug is made of ceramics, with a semi-circular handle. To match the color of bottle, the mug is as green as grass, there is also a smart logo inside. You can get this limited edition mug by buying fews of Watsons water.
PLC Go Green Campaign

Eco-friendly Product - LED Manual Torch 

As environmental protection is mentioned all the time,「energy saving」has played an important role in our daily life. Being joined as a WWF member, PLC not only joined the event "Earth hour", but also started the Go Green Campaign this year. PLC has promoted environmental friendly message to the customers through many channels.

PLC has selected this LED manual torch and cooperated with Us. Manual torch was lighted without batteries but by turning the kinetic energy into electrical energy through. It’s a good tool that can be used for camping and emergency. Combining the idea of reducing energy waste with the energy-saving products of Go Green, PLS has promoted more messages about environmental protection.
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
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Standard Chartered Bank Promotional Gift - Business Card Holder

Standard Chartered headquartered Group has operated for over 150 years in some of the world's most dynamic markets, leading the wat in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. "Learn and Grow" is to provide customised financial solutions to meet the needs of companies with excellent service combining with a wealth of Banking experience.

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited selected this creative name card clip and cooperated with us. The shape of the clip brings their ideas that company will develop like this tree with their hard efforts. Blue is always symbolised friendship, which expresses Standar